• Great Coffee, Great Food, Great Mission

Cafe Mosaic is a new model of social business in the community, serving a great line of coffee products with distinct flavor, along with specialty drinks and fresh, affordable sandwiches.

We Support Local Business

Partnerships are important to the life of the café because they reflect the heart of what the Mosaic CCDA, as our umbrella organization, strives to accomplish– connecting people to each other and to resources that foster community development. By connecting local vendors like Infusco and local bakers to the resource of a larger customer base, the café supports  local businesses and helps the economy. In turn, those businesses support us by connecting us to quality products for our customers…and the customers connect to us, to each other, and to the vendors when they come in to buy it!

Mosaic CCDA

Cafe Mosaic is a new model of social business in the community, partnering with the Mosaic CCDA to provide maximum impact in our community. We commit to working together with those in our community of similar faith, those still finding their faith, and even at times with those outside our faith where the work of community development (job creation, education, housing, & health care) may find a common path moving forward.

Online Ordering

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Free Wifi

You can use your laptop and our free wifi at our laptop bar! Ask your barista for the password to log on.


"Great food, love the Michigan cranberry Turkey. The peach smoothie tastes like you just bit into the ripest peach. Great customer service."
Miki Ruhl
"Absolutely phenomenal! I may never be able to eat any other chicken salad. They delivered lunch, claim not to be "Freaky Fast" but I would say otherwise. Try it, you will NOT be disappointed :) Excellent food ~ Excellent service."
Facebook User
"Great coffee, food and atmosphere and best of all wonderful people doing great things for the community!"
Facebook User